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dotconf will archive all your .file|.directory into one single .conf.

It will extract them when needed (advised in npm postinstall).



# Locally in your project [advised]
npm i dotconf --save
# Or globally
npm i dotconf -g


dotconf [OPTIONS] [ARGS]


# Actions
-a,     --archive                   Archive your files
-e,     --extract                   Extract your files

# Options

-d,     --destination      [STRING] Destination of the archive
# Default is .file
-p,     --pattern          [STRING] Pattern to get file files
# Default is .*
-s,     --safe             [BOOL]   Execute in safe mode
# Default is true
        --safeDestination  [STRING] Destination of the safe storage
# Default is .tempDotConf
-i,     --ignore           [ARRAY]  What to ignore
# Default is .git*,node_modules/**,.file,.tempDotConf/**

# CLI related

-k,     --no-color                  Omit color from output
        --debug                     Show debug information
-v,     --version                   Display the current version
-h,     --help                      Display help and usage details

By default, options can be read in the package.json under dotconf object.

"dotconf": {
    "destination": ".file",
    "safeDestination": ".tempDotConf",
    "safe": true,
    "pattern": ".*",
    "ignore": [
        "node_modules/**" ,